Renault Car Keys Facts

Renault have being using immobiliser type transponder keys since in or around 1995. For an experienced locksmith we can replace all types or Renault remotes and all Renault key cards. The dealers will advise that we cant. The cost for us to replace a remote will be far less than that of a main dealer.

Renault remote fobs and key cards are all very similar to look at , however they are all different depending on the model. The correct remote must match the correct model, we are experienced and will be able to advise you on the required remote key for or key card to suit your vehicle.

Renault decided to move away from the traditional type car key and remote keys and replaced these with a Renault key card, key cards are becoming very popular and can be ideal when compared to a traditional remote key, however they have proved to be very delicate and not as robust as traditional car key fobs. Cards have being know to crack internally, they can break when put in tight pocket.

They have also being know to brake when dropped. We have the know how to repair or replace all types of car key fobs and Renault key cards. A repair can sometimes only solve as a temporary solution, however we can also offer new key cards or remote car keys.

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